We are not passing away

DSC_0925Jimmy Nelson Atlas Gallery Sept 2014

As a tribal person I feel offended by Jimmy Nelson’s work ’Before They Pass Away’. It’s outrageous! We are not passing away but struggling to survive. Industrialized society is trying to destroy us in the name of ‘progress’, but we will keep defending our lands and contributing to the protection of the planet.

Please find out more at: http://www.survivalinternational.org/news/10442

DSC_0904Jimmy Nelson Atlas Gallery Sept 2014

3 thoughts on “We are not passing away

  1. Thank you Nixiwaka – I appreciate learning more from you about your outlook on the world, your life and how you are sharing your viewpoint. I have to admit I own a copy of Before They Pass Away – it was a gift to me from friends who thought I would love it, because they know I have always been interested in Tribal Peoples. I did find the photographs interesting, but it has always made me feel uncomfortable and stays wrapped in a cloth, tucked away. Perhaps now I understand why. Thank you for your demonstration at the gallery in London, and thank you for teaching me! Julie

    • Hi Julia, thank you for your comment. Yes, I’m also learning a lot and sharing about what I think regarding tribal peoples and how they, we, tribal peoples around the world are facing problems because of the land. We are not passing away, we’ve been struggling to survive, that is right. I thank you and others who understand us and support our fight to protect our lives and our lands.

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